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flirtima, aega surnuks lööma
flirtima, aega surnuks lööma
== [https://www.thefreedictionary.com/demotion demotion] ==
Edutamise''([https://www.thefreedictionary.com/promotion promotion])'' vastand ehk '''tagandamine''', hierarhias alla poole langemine.
Kontekst: Microsofti korporatiiv-võimuvõitluse käigus direktori, [https://stratechery.com/2018/the-end-of-windows/ Steve Ballmer'i, tagandamine].
= E =
= E =

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Filoloogia : inglise keel

eesti keel : IT sõnavara



kindlaks tegema, kinnitama

Tsitaat: As near as we can ascertain, Gerry(Gerald Bull?) did find a ready and willing customer in Saddam Hussain in Iraq.


parandama, paremaks muutma

Tsitaat 1: With a bit of luck, widespread, comprehensive, and automated testing can detect these new expectations but not ameliorate them.

Tsitaat 2: Volunteers were able to ameliorate conditions in the refugee camp. Conditions are ameliorating.


vantsima, mitte-kiirustavalt jalutama


vähendama, kahandama, harvendama

Tsitaat 1: Protection against murine tuberculosis by an attenuated recombinant Salmonella typhimurium vaccine strain that secretes the 30-kDa antigen of Mycobacterium bovis BCG



Tsitaat (arhiivkoopia)

Charlie Rose asked the question that scholars, pundits, and plaintiffs attorneys will be debating for years: “Should wise people have known better?” Of course they should have, Buffet replied, but there’s a “natural progression” to how good new ideas go badly wrong. He called this progression the “three Is.”

First come the innovators, who see opportunities that others don’t and champion new ideas that create genuine value. Then come the imitators, who copy what the innovators have done. Sometimes they improve on the original idea, often they tarnish it. Last come the idiots, whose avarice undermines the very innovations they are trying to exploit.



Mingit ühte ideoloogiat või seisukohta pimesi pooldav tümakas, kes on teisel seisukohal olevate inimeste suhtes on vaenulik juba ainuüksi põhjusel, et neil on teine seisukoht.



Tsitaat(arhiivkoopia): Experts can be challenged, of course, but until now, expertise was never seen as something the ruling establishment would use to bamboozle and obfuscate in pursuit of its aims.



rütm, perioodilisus

Tsitaat: Predictable 6-month release cadence .


kokku koonduma

Sun Microsystems'i asutaja, Scott McNealy, 2010. aasta intervjuu tsitaat:

Finding the right partners: “My gaming theory strategy says you can almost never partner with the leader. The leader has not interest in justifying or partnering with a smart, young, hot company. So it’s mankind versus Goliath. You go after No. 2,3,4 or 5. You team up to beat Google, beat IBM or Microsoft or Oracle or whatever. Everyone can coalesce around that, and they will partner with you because they think you will be collateral damage. We were going to be collateral damage every year at Sun, that’s why it was easy to partner.”


kaasa tundma, kaastunnet avaldama

Tsitaat: I hope You're all having a good day and You're not commiserating or feeling bad.


ihaldatud, soovitud

Tsitaat(arhiivkoopia):The relationship with a concubinus might be discreet or more open: male concubines sometimes attended dinner parties with the man whose companion they were. Martial even suggests that a prized concubinus might pass from father to son as an especially coveted inheritance. A military officer on campaign might be accompanied by a concubinus. Like the catamite or puer delicatus, the role of the concubine was regularly compared to that of Ganymede, the Trojan prince abducted by Jove (Greek Zeus) to serve as his cupbearer.





mökutama: Don't dally or we'll miss the train.

flirtima, aega surnuks lööma


Edutamise(promotion) vastand ehk tagandamine, hierarhias alla poole langemine.

Kontekst: Microsofti korporatiiv-võimuvõitluse käigus direktori, Steve Ballmer'i, tagandamine.



omaks võtma, abielluma


Tsitaat(arhiivkoopia): His ascent owes everything to the growing xenophobia and English nationalism that many Conservatives now espouse.

  • espouse a plan
  • espoused a contrarian viewpoint
  • to espouse socialism



vaimustus (tegusõna: vaimustav), innustus


põhjalikult selgitama


  • to expound a theory
  • She expounded her theory on the origin of the conflict.
  • "In the 1956 campaign he cheerfully expounded views that had gravely disturbed him four years earlier" (Helen Sasson).



kergesti purunev, kasutamisel suurt täpsust nõudev, kapriisne

Näidistsitaat: Macros work just fine in infix Dylan. I will admit that they are a little more finicky than Common Lisp macros when you're trying to do something very complex, but they work great in most cases.


Saatan, deemon


saatanlikult, kuratlikult, paganama-

Tsitaat: Now I recently look at v8's parser, and it's fiendishly complex [1 ] and somewhere north of 20K lines of code -- and yes that's just the parser.



tihend, näiteks kummitihend torude vahel


helk, kuma, valgussähvatus


a glimmer of understanding

"The ocean glimmered on her left like an iridescent pewter bowl" (Elizabeth Adler)

"Starlight glimmered on rusty metal" (David Drake).

Hope still glimmered in our minds.

Tsitaat:"There's a certain glimmer, that we should have, when we deal with Iran, that I think we don't necessarily have, when we deal with North-Korea."



Tsitaat: Another thing was that I did not really want to be in charge of teaching people a complete new programming language. I was relaying on C. So, that I did not have to teach yet another way of writing a for loop in C, so the rule of the game was no gratuitous incompatibilities with C.


suur alandlikkus

Tsitaat:Grovelling is not a substitute for doing your homework.


heads up


Ajaloolislt pärineb see väljend ehitusplatsidelt ja pidavat olema kasutusel peamiselt USAs ja Kanadas.

Kasutusnäide: Thanks for the heads up.





perfektselt korrektne, ideaalselt puhas

Tsitaat: A modern, chic hostel with industrial details throughout. All of the other hostels in Tallinn we looked at are pretty bleak – and attract a dubious clientele. Here, however, we found polite roommates, friendly staff and immaculate facilities. If you want to see Tallinn on a budget, don’t mind sharing a dorm and want to make friends to explore the nightlife then this is the place to stay!

"The room was as spare and immaculate as a monk's cell" (Caroline Preston).

An immaculate record on the job.


süüdistama, süüd omistama


He imputed the error to the salesperson.

imputed the rocket failure to a faulty gasket;

kindly imputed my clumsiness to inexperience

The children imputed magical powers to the old woman.


märkamatu, diskreetne, vähe tähelepanu äratav

Tsitaat: That's why they call it the inconspicuous wall of China.




The vessel has been described as a "spy submarine" that could possibly be used to tap into or sever underwater telecommunications cables. Russia has released little information about the vessel officially and there are few photographs of it – the clearest is believed to have been taken inadvertently during a Top Gear Russia photo-shoot in Arkhangelsk.


kohustuse kandja, kohuslane, kohustuslik

Fraasid: incumbent rock strata; the incumbent mayor; felt it was incumbent on us all to help;

Tsitaat(arhiivkoopia):This solution is possible in Canada because the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), the agency responsible for regulating Canada's broadcasting and telecommunications systems, currently requires incumbent carriers to resell access to the lines which they developed as a protected monopoly. This has allowed other ISPs to offer DSL services at competitive prices.


hootine, vahelduv, aeg-ajalt toimuv



Twitter s8navara intrepid D7P-SVcV4AAoClv.jpeg Tsitaat: The heart of the jungle now well behind them, the three intrepid explorers entered the spleen.



molutama, mökutama

Aegavõtvalt ühe ja sama asjaga tegelema, aegavõtva tegevuse või meelega venitamise tõttu liiga kauaks füüsiliselt või progressi mõttes paigale jääma.

To devote considerable time to something, especially in a leisurely fashion: We lingered over the question for an hour.


rihm, näiteks koera rihm.




nurga suurus, mis erineb 0 kraadist ja 90-st kraadist

  • (Navigation) nautical the act of changing course by less than 90°.
  • (Photography) an aerial photograph taken at an oblique angle.
  • (Military) (of a military formation) to move forward at an angle.

Tsitaat: Also, when I first started out in the IC business, I met the engineer who figured out the MMI yield crash that almost put that company out of business. It features, obliquely, at the end of “Soul of a New Machine.” Ofc w/o the embarrassing details.


  • petrifaction kivistumine (fossiilide kivistumise kontekstis)



Näidisväljendid: a proclivity for exaggeration; a proclivity to complain.

Tsitaat: I try not to think too much about his personal proclivities.



Tsitaat:Also thank You for Your perseverance in this study.


hooplev, põhjendamatult uhkustav

Tsitaat:When I designed C with classes, criteria for what was useful developed, actually the origin of that goes back to my work with Simula and BCPL, and over the years it grew into a set of rules of thumb. You could call them principles, but that sounds so pretentious, so I'll stick with rules of thumb.


teesklus, väide


a pretense of listening;

his sympathy was only a pretense;

get a loan under false pretenses;



Näidisfraas: The leaders used presumed threats as a pretext to declare war.



uuesti juhtuma, taas-juhtuma

NRE --- Non-recurring engineering. "The NRE for ASICs is pretty high.



Kasutusnäide: Open source Java has a long and torrid history, rife with corporate rivalry, very public fallings-out, and ideological misgivings. But has all the effort and rumpus that went into creating an officially sanctioned open JDK been worth it?



nässus, tegutsemisvõimetu, läbi, blokeeritud

Pool-slängi näide: "Jesus. This plan is scotched".



Tsitaat filoloogidelt:

An anti-American sentiment swept through the country.

Ameeriklase jututoasõnumi tsitaat aastast 2019:

I understand the sentiment, but that IS the function of a universal currency, a price discovery system to establish a medium to articulate relative value. And given that many will sell their products/services on platforms (or lack there of) where mediating algorithms cannot track quantity and demand, a currency is needed



Tsitaat: By the fall of 1986 everybody was pretty much convinced that Mr. X didn't exist. So we severed the contact.


käpard, äpu

Tsitaat: "..the guy was a slouch in the dame department, had to pick up the slack somehow..."


täpselt, kindlalt, parajalt

Tsitaat: With the funky foam it should fit pretty snugly.


  • fitting closely; "the vest fit snugly"
  • safely protected; "concealed snugly in his hideout"
  • warmly and comfortably sheltered; "sitting snugly by the fireside while the storm raged"




varalist kahju tekitav pettus

Tsitaat: It's a huge swindle.



stiililt maitsetu, viletsa stiiliga, kvaliteedilt nigel

Tsitaat: Manna La Roosa – Possibly the most unique place in Tallinn, and in an urban landscape littered with extraordinary wonders, this is no small feat. Tacky as hell, but somehow the Latino burlesque decor mixed with Gold Baroque works. The drinks here were even more standout, so good in fact you can just pop in for a quick nip and to admire the psychedelic walls or gorgeous bar – though the food here is equally outstanding. Housed in the same charming building, there is the similarly beautiful Tai Boh upstairs with a similar LSD-inspired design palate but with an Oriental theme. Both are a must for foodies and design fans, but reservations are essential in summer months or weekends.

tacky clothes

"A tacky room he could tear apart with his bare hands" (John Edgar Wideman)


nõrk, vilets

Sünonüüm: flimsy

Tsitaat: Scientists discovered a new radiation belt around Saturn, close to the planet and composed of energetic particles. They found that while the belt actually intersects with the innermost ring, the ring is so tenuous that it doesn't block the belt from forming.

take heart

vapper olema

Selgitus: "To be confident or courageous."

Tsitaat: So, take heart, I know You're all getting tired of hearing all that, "Be patient, take heart.", but hey, there's a plan, we can't see the big picture, but there is a plan and it's evolving evolving slowly."


südikus, vastupidavus, järjepidevus

tuleneb sõnast tenacious

Tsitaat: After three years, hundreds of missions, only two of our sisters have fallen. With so much death and devastation all around us, that's an incredible testament to their skill and tenacity.


auavaldus, tänuavaldus, mafiale makstav katuseraha

Tsitaat: It is an enormous tribute to those, who are lost.



tarbekeel, igapäevaselt kasutatav keel

Tsitaat (arhiivkoopia):

In many ways, computer games have become the vernacular of the computer world because they are what children and many non-technical adults use.



inimopereeritav käru